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Bradley James McGoey is a lively and upbeat Live Entertainer, Producer, and Music Teacher currently based out of Halifax, Canada.

Born from campfire jams and kitchen parties, and steeped in Do It Yourself culture and rock and roll, Bradley James McGoey brings positivity and a strong work ethic to all that he does. Known for being a solid entertainer and band leader, and for having an easy-going and up-for-anything demeanour when working with clients, students, and audience members, Brad has been consistently providing positive musical experiences for over 15 years.

Drawing on his broad experience in several musical endeavours, Brad is able to provide a unique insight and style to all sorts of projects. Have a look around the website to get an idea of what he’s about, and feel free to contact him if you have any questions.



Here's my take on Suit & Tie, using the instruments I had on hand whilst spending time in the bush. Lyrics included because I nailed/butchered them. Big thanks to Luke and Claire for the editing help. 

Luke Robertson and I have a tasty little duo, playing everything from ripping cover songs for bars and pubs, to nice background jazz for art parties. 

The standard sitting-on-a-bucket-on-the-train-tracks-playing-a-Canned-Heat-song video, typical.

In 2010 I took the time to travel from Toronto, Canada, to Xela, Guatemala. It took 8 months, travelling by foot and freight train, hitchhiking and rideshares, cars and buses. This video was recorded in Ajijic, Mexico, by some friends who took me in and let me rest up before I continued south.