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I am currently located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and sometimes located in Stratford, Ontario, and the odd time I’ll be up in the Kawarthas.

Probably my favourite picture of myself. Sitting in a wheelbarrow, playing guitar, in Kibombemene, Zambia, 2011. Taken by the wonderful Marissa Izma at the Same World Same Chance site.

Credits and Thank You's

  • Jon-Eric Lappano for the video, and Maia for the production assistance

  • All of the wonderful people who let me use their video footage and pictures, much appreciated. Thanks Brad Clarance, Jeff McCann, Lili Holm, Kelly Gilbert, Jaclyn Caughill, Kitty Runstedler, Tabitha Listman, Sheldon Neil for the “Sub-Famous" footage, Jon Izma for being a rad guy, Brian Lotz, Marissa Izma

  • All of the wonderful brides and grooms who sent me pictures and testimonials, thank you so very much!

  • The excellent musicians whom I have played with and continue to play with, and who have consented to me using their likeness in video or photo, Luke Robertson, Jeff D Elliott, Nelson Sobral, Rob Eckert, Jason Adair