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Live Entertainment

Brad can be counted on to provide excellent musical entertainment, accompanied by his exceptionally pleasant and engaging demeanour. The ease and infectiously positive attitude he brings to any situation make him a musician who can contribute to the success of many events. Time and again Brad has proven himself to be a dependable professional in whom I have been able to have complete confidence.
— Laura Mandell - Doer of things and maker of Brands

A nice little video for the EPK, put together by the excellent Jon-Erik Lappano, with footage from many kind people.

I have been performing live, guitar based music for over 10 years, playing everything from bars, pubs, house parties, farmers markets, seniors homes, kids birthdays, weddings, and corporate events. I play a wide range of upbeat music, focusing primarily on feel-good songs of every era and genre, adding my own creative flavour to suit the mood of the event, whether it be rocking a bar full of mirthful carousers, leading sing-alongs in a pub or party, or providing nice background music for people as they cheerfully shop for fresh vegetables. 

For more videos, check the Bio and Media page!

Brad is fun to work with and game for any idea you throw at him. While I have retired from Seneca and now live in Mexico, Brad came to visit me and took the time to learn some Mexican songs for children, in Spanish. A very versatile musician that can work at a black tie event or a backyard BBQ with style.
— Linda Hendy - Superstar fundraiser and human