Audio Production Projects

Audio production is one of my main artistic endeavours, and I am happy to finally have this website up so I can share this aspect of my musical life. Feel free to enjoy and share if you'd like, and contact me if you are interested in working together.

Muve Forward Podcast

It was excellent to work with Michelle Wolfe at Muve Life, helping her with the music for the Muve Forward Podcast

Powerline Films and Sustain Ontario

These 2 videos are from a series of shorts by Powerline Films, for Sustain Ontario, and I had the pleasure of recording music that was used as backing tracks in several of the videos.

Jeff D. Elliott

Jeff D. Elliott is an excellent producer and multi-instrumentalist that I've had the good luck of collaborating with a few times in the past 5 years. Here are a couple of tasty little tracks we've created together, and their placements.

Chad McCoy

I have produced two E.P.’s under the stage name Chad McCoy. It’s been an interesting journey, and there is more to come.

Spotify - Youtube


Sometimes I make beats out of scraps, and sometimes they are decent. 

The Long Lost Scoopers Theme Song

This was my first gig as a producer, to make a theme song for Scoopers, the local ice cream shop in Stratford Ontario. I was 18 or so, and my high school music teacher Mr. Carroll let me into the school on a Saturday to work on it. It was my end-of-high-school, midi-music masterpiece, and I treated it as such. It’s over 10 minutes long for some reason, which took me all day to complete. I think they played it once, and probably not the whole thing. I was paid in milk shakes, which I thought would be for life, but it only ended up being about 3.

Gifts (please take them)

Some songs I recorded as a gift to an elder, now a gift to the world!