Bradley James McGoey's Musical Enterprises

The virtual home of Bradley James McGoey's musical services and endeavours


Audio production is one of my main artistic endeavours, and I am happy to finally have this website up so I can share this aspect of my musical life. Feel free to enjoy and share if you'd like, and contact me if you are interested in working together.

These 2 videos are from a series of shorts by Powerline Films, for Sustain Ontario, and I had the pleasure of recording music that was used as backing tracks in several of the videos.

Jeff D. Elliott is an excellent producer and multi-instrumentalist that I've had the good luck of collaborating with a few times in the past 2 years. Here are a couple of tasty little tracks we've created together.

Sometimes I make beats out of scraps, and sometimes they are decent. 

An ongoing project is writing and recording music to be played by my musical alter-ego, Chad McCoy. The aim is to rock right out, nothing more.

Some songs I recorded as a gift to an elder, now a gift to the world!